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Welcome to MarcusBall.com.        This personal site features information about Marcus Ba.  You will find a variety of information ranging from customer service tips and  management strategies, to massage therapy techniques, and cooking. Feel free to browse and enjoy.                  


Sensual Massage Basics ...

Intro to Massage
Massage Modalities
Massage School Notes
Anatomy & Kinesiology
The Muscles
Massage Sequences
Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Alignment Therapy
Reflexology Massage
TriggerPoint Therapy
Trigger Charts

Past Employment

Residential Property Management Community Manager PPA
Residential Property Management Assistant Manager, Leasing  HVA
Online Technical Account Manager
Massage Therapy Clinical Therapist
Telecom Products Sales Executive
ASP Support Client Services
Inquiry Center CRM Specialist
Call Center Design Engineer
Help Desk Desktop Support
Call Center Client Communications
Hospitality Reservations Manager
Sales Special Orders
Retail Commercial Ast Manager

Highlights and documents I have written

Information Technology

Creating Customer Loyalty

 End user Training

Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy

 Being a Male Therapist


 730 Hour Certification


Many occupational hazards of adult life will be greatly alleviated by massage:

  • aching back and shoulder after a long office stint
  • exhaustion or overstrained muscles from physical labor or excessive exercise
  • circulatory problems from too little exercise by sedentary workers.
Massage can benefit you right down to the cellular level!


 2.4ghz v 900mhz

 Cable v DSL

 Cordless Security

 Firewalls for Dummies

 Telecom 101




Pleasing yourself

Although masturbation is often treated as taboo, it's entirely normal and extremely common. Why it's vital you know how to satisfy yourself in order to make sex with a partner as fulfilling as possible.

Negative messages

As a baby or toddler, you probably explored your body to find out where you began and ended, and what felt good. This kind of experimentation usually evolves into masturbation, but children often receive a puzzling message from parents at this point. They are discouraged from touching themselves and hands are slapped away, which tends to leave a feeling that sexual exploration is a thoroughly bad thing.

It doesn't stop children doing it, but it may mean that boys masturbate hurriedly and furtively in order not to be caught out - which may lead to premature ejaculation in later life. Girls grow up feeling they should never admit to masturbating, let alone do so in front of a partner. 

Lots of scare stories have grown up around sexual self-exploration over the centuries. People are told that it makes hair grow on your palms, makes "real" sex unsatisfying, and that it's only for the sad and desperate. None of these tales is true, but the overall result of the negative messages around the subject is that masturbation is seen as a sad activity for desperate people, which shouldn't be valued or discussed.

Different kinds of touch

Masturbation can be all the more satisfying if you vary the ways in which you touch yourself. Choose a time when you can be alone, relaxed and comfortable, and lie back and run your hands over your body. Try strokes, caresses, nips, pinches and gentle scratches.

No one is born knowing how their own body or anyone else's responds to sexual stimulation. You have to learn by trial and error. And since everyone's different, the only way of finding out how to please your partner is to learn from them. It's also common and normal for adults in happy relationships to feel like pleasing themselves at times.

Taking your time

Concentrate on areas that particularly excite you, but try not to stimulate only the most obvious bits. You're likely to bring yourself to orgasm by stimulating your penis or clitoris, but it will be more arousing, and your climax more satisfying, if you explore as much of your body as possible.

Try this

Masturbation can feel so much better if you introduce contrasting sensations. Try stroking yourself slowly with:

  • hands covered in oil or cream
  • a feather
  • fake fur
  • a silk scarf
  • a body brush
  • a sponge run under hot water, then under cold

Sharing your discoveries

When you've had a chance to explore your body and your responses alone, you could think about sharing your discoveries with your partner. Watching them pleasure themselves can be arousing, and it's also the best way to learn about what pleases each of you.

Mutual masturbation or body rubbing has a variety of advantages. It's safe, with no risk of pregnancy or infection. Non-penetrative sex also reduces the pressure to perform. Losing an erection or coming before your partner doesn't have to spell the end of love-making. All in all, brushing up your masturbation skills can add a lot to your sex life

The basics of give a massage

Massaging each other can make you and your partner feel relaxed, sexy, valued and wanted. Top tips on preparing for a massage, the basic oils to use and some sensual techniques.


  • Find somewhere warm and comfortable where you won't be disturbed.
  • Spread out a large towel or sheet for your partner to lie on.
  • Make sure your hands are warm - dunk them in hot water to take away any surface chill.
  • You'll need a base oil and perhaps add a few drops of an essential oil for scent.
The benefits

Massage can be used as part of foreplay, or to help you get rid of stress. Just taking the time to touch

What to do

Spread a sheet or towel on the floor or bed and toss a coin to see who'll be first to have the massage.

If you're giving the massage, pour out a generous handful of oil, warm it up in your hands and begin by stroking and rubbing the neck, shoulders and back.

Base oils you could use:

  • almond
  • sunflower
  • apricot kernel

Essential oils you could use:

  • rose
  • jasmine
  • sandalwood
  • ylang-ylang

Pass the oil all over your partner's body, kneading and pressing as you go. You can also try lightly scratching, slapping and nipping.

Listen to and feel their reactions to get directions about what feels good.


Next time you're caressing your partner, ask for feedback. Think about what you're doing and what information you need. For example: "Would you prefer me to touch harder or softer?" "Do you prefer long or short strokes?" "Up and down, or round in circles?" "Flat of my hand or fingertips?"

Don't ask "Is this nice?" if what you really want to know is "Does this turn you on?"

Ten out of ten

Agree on a scaling system, so you can ask how much something turns them on. For example, zero can equal nice and ten can equal orgasm.

Hand it over

If you or your partner finds it difficult to describe what you'd like, try the hand-over-hand technique. When you want to show them what to do, put their hand over yours or put your hand on top of theirs and guide them.

When you're being massaged


Pay attention to the sensations you feel when being massaged - you may be surprised by which parts of your body react and what types of stimulation lead to arousal. Make mental notes for later.




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