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Welcome to MarcusBall.com.        This personal site features information about Marcus Ba.  You will find a variety of information ranging from customer service tips and  management strategies, to massage therapy techniques, and cooking. Feel free to browse and enjoy.                  


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Past Employment

Residential Property Management Community Manager PPA
Residential Property Management Assistant Manager, Leasing  HVA
Online Technical Account Manager
Massage Therapy Clinical Therapist
Telecom Products Sales Executive
ASP Support Client Services
Inquiry Center CRM Specialist
Call Center Design Engineer
Help Desk Desktop Support
Call Center Client Communications
Hospitality Reservations Manager
Sales Special Orders
Retail Commercial Ast Manager

Highlights and documents I have written

Information Technology

Creating Customer Loyalty

 End user Training

Massage Therapy

 Massage Therapy

 Being a Male Therapist


 730 Hour Certification


Many occupational hazards of adult life will be greatly alleviated by massage:

  • aching back and shoulder after a long office stint
  • exhaustion or overstrained muscles from physical labor or excessive exercise
  • circulatory problems from too little exercise by sedentary workers.
Massage can benefit you right down to the cellular level!


 2.4ghz v 900mhz

 Cable v DSL

 Cordless Security

 Firewalls for Dummies

 Telecom 101


Relaxation Technique

There is absolute privacy to the sessions. A sturdy massage table is used, with the client draped. This allows the client to stay warm, comfortable and maintain professionalism.


How To Enhance Your Treatment Experience:

  1. Remove any unnecessary jewelry that could cause scratching or interfere with having a smooth massage.
  2. You'll feel more comfortable if you don't eat for two hours before your session. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, consider removing them. It may add to your relaxing experience.
  3. Draping will be employed for traditional massage. For other therapies wear loose fitting comfortable clothing.
  4. Let your therapist know if you have any medical or physical conditions which might contraindicate certain types of treatment.
  5. If you're concerned about getting oil on your hair, inform your therapist. You won't want to miss out on a head massage!
  6. Quieting yourself will allow you to tune in to your experience and relax more deeply.
  7. Do give your therapist feedback regarding your experience and feel free to ask any questions you'd like.
  8. Breathe deeply and regularly, stressing your exhalation. Imagine your body becoming heavy and sinking into the table or mat. As the therapist locates areas of tension, consciously allow yourself to breath and relax into those areas. Sometimes during a massage or other type of treatment emotions will surface. It may be of great benefit to release and work through them if you feel comfortable doing so.


Advice for a recipient of professional massage:

If you aren't comfortable with the Massage Therapist (MT) touching you the treatment isn't going to help you regardless what techniques they use. Be sure to tell them if something makes you uncomfortable, and feel free to ask questions about anything they do. You should feel respected and honored, and the session should provide opportunities for you to relax and get back in touch with yourself.

Remember that any CMT needs to know if you are seeing another practitioner, in order to make sure the massage won't interfere.

Many people don't know for instance that if they are taking drugs, even for chronic illnesses, their dosages will often need to be decreased if they regularly receive bodywork treatments

Soft music is played in the background. Room is warm, softly lit with candles, soothing and very relaxing. Aromatherapy is used, with different choices of hot oil, as well as lotion to soften the dry spots. The body will be more receptive if freshened just prior to a session.

We encourage our clients to take care of themselves. We also suggest that they take a more healthy holistic approach to life. This means practicing it on a regular basis.

Everyone has a different threshold for pain. After a deep massage, some may experience soreness. That soreness may last anywhere from 10 minutes to a few days. Nothing to worry about. That area is in the process of healing itself, working its way back to being normal again. A follow up massage session is one good way to soothing it.

As tough as it may sound, we are so tired after a long hard day, we need to find something within ourselves and exercise, replenishing the energy that was lost while living our daily lives. Stretching is terrific. Yoga is another.

Here are some suggestions for a healthier body: Eating the right foods, do a proper amount of exercise, see their doctor and chiropractor regularly, and take time out for themselves. Receiving therapeutic massages is one good way of being pampered.


Breathe. Stop what you're doing and take ten long, deep, cleansing breaths. On the inhale, imagine every muscle receiving oxygen. On the exhale, breathe out long and slow and visualize the tension leaving your body.


Stretch. Stand up and reach for the ceiling. Bend down and touch your toes. The hamstring muscles tend to get tight after long hours at the desk. Reach your left arm over and behind your head and hold your right elbow while giving a gentle stretch. Repeat with the other arm. Very slowly roll your head from front to side, side to back, back to other side, and back to front, feeling a gentle stretch at each point. Hold each stretch for 20-60 seconds while breathing deeply.


Exercise. If you can manage to squeeze in 5-10 minutes of jumping jacks or just a brisk walk around the block or parking lot, you'll find that even this small cardiovascular workout can make you feel surprisingly rejuvenated and relaxed.


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