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Massage Sequence for the Front of the Leg

How to massage the front of the leg. It will be helpful to use a little bit of vegetable oil as a lubricant between your hands and their skin.

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Begin smoothing oil from the ankle to the upper thigh. Be careful to avoid the groin area. Work the entire leg to the hip area. Don't put much, if any, pressure on the inside of the lower leg (this is bone).

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You can continue the gliding stroke up the leg and under the back. Reach as far under the low back as is comfortable and with a broad hand, smooth back down along the leg to the foot again.

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With firm broad hand, smooth along the outer lower leg and along the inner, top, and outer thigh areas. Place the pressure on the heal of your hand. Remember, the deeper you go, the slower you go.

59.jpg - 18608 Bytes 58.jpg - 18608 Bytes 60.jpg - 18608 Bytes

Using the curved heal of your hand, gently conform it to fit the top of your friend's foot. Smooth the top of the foot with deep gliding strokes toward the ankle while supporting the foot with the other hand. As if you were breaking a pop sickle in two, grip the foot and squeeze it "apart". Gently rub each toe with small circular motions while gently pulling on it.

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Using "J" strokes, work along the outside of the lower leg. "J" strokes glide an inch or so and then hook outward, toward the hand that is stroking (alternating thumbs). In this case we are lengthening and broadening the muscle fibers of the Tibialis Anterior. Then take your thumbs and make circular motions around the knee. Make your thumbs mirror each other rather than have one at the top of the knee while one is at the bottom.

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Using the flat of your hand, smooth firmly from the knee to the hip with deep, gliding pressure. Work the inside, tip and outside of the thigh. Remember, deeper strokes = slower strokes. Finish with light smoothing strokes over the whole leg, and then "feather" strokes. Feather strokes use the fingers to brush lightly along the leg from the hip down to the foot, hand-over-hand.

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