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What is a Trigger Point?
Trigger points are tight and tender congested muscle spots filled with toxins and waste. They are hypersensitive parts of the muscle where there is decreased circulation, increased muscle contraction and spasm, and increased nerve sensitivity ranging from sharp pain to dull ache. Trigger points develop from:

a) overuse of a muscle
b) stress
c) trauma or accident
d) not stretching or
e) improper stretching before physical activity.



Trigger Points

What is Trigger Point Myotherapy? Trigger Point Therapy Defined.

"Myo" means muscle. Trigger Point Myotherapy is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment to relieve and control myofascial (muscular) pain and dysfunction related to chronic and acute health conditions.

Trigger Point Therapy: Firm digital pressure causes hypoxia and reactive hyperemia that clears the triggerpoint.  Reconditioning the muscle after the pain is reduced makes latent triggerpoints less prone to reactivate.


Trigger Point Myotherapy is also effective in increasing muscular strength and range of motion. It controls persistent muscle spasms and tension often occurring after an accident, surgery and muscle abuse.

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