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These pages are about theories of learning in a post-school educational context. 

They are designed to provide a “quick and dirty” overview and introduction to the field, so anyone who knows anything about the ideas already will certainly find over-simplifications. Wherever possible, however, references are provided for further —more reliable — reading. Moreover, the selection of material is personal and in some cases downright idiosyncratic.

But there is a point to providing such an overview, and particularly in a hypertext format, which is to make clear the shape of the field, and to help the teacher to orient her- or himself to how the ideas fit together or provide conflicting models. I also think visually, and so there are a lot of diagrams.

Most of the links are internal to the site, but those expressed simply as “more”, or in the right-hand margin, are links to elsewhere on the Net. (You can see the URL in the status line of your browser, if it is not given) 

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