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Launch Radio Welcome to        This personal site features information about Marcus Ball, studies in massge therapy, customer care, and basic human behavior.


Past Employment

Residential Property Management Community Manager PPA
Residential Property Management Assistant Manager, Leasing  HVA
Online Technical Account Manager
Massage Therapy Clinical Therapist
Telecom Products Sales Executive
ASP Support Client Services
Inquiry Center CRM Specialist
Call Center Design Engineer
Help Desk Desktop Support
Call Center Client Communications
Hospitality Reservations Manager
Sales Special Orders
Retail Commercial Ast Manager

Highlights and documents I have written

Information Technology

Creating Customer Loyalty

 End user Training

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Being a Male Therapist


730 Hour Certification


Many occupational hazards of adult life will be greatly alleviated by massage:

  • aching back and shoulder after a long office stint
  • exhaustion or overstrained muscles from physical labor or excessive exercise
  • circulatory problems from too little exercise by sedentary workers.
Massage can benefit you right down to the cellular level!


2.4ghz v 900mhz

Cable v DSL

Cordless Security

Firewalls for Dummies

Telecom 101



Videos, Game Help and Walkthroughs

I'm a big fan of video games.  Like many I started out with the basic Atari game console playing games like Adventure and Tank. At the same time as Atari was a hit there was a short lived company named Fairchild.  Actually the only reason I mention this is that I now live near where the main Fairchild headquarters once stood. Unfortunately they did not understand the harm that manufacturing computer came cartages could do to the environment and poisoned the water supply in the area for many years. Dues to lawsuit after lawsuit they were forced out of business. If not for that mistake Atari may not have been as successful as they were. These days it is a shopping center, but at one time it was a huge muli level donut shaped building with a courtyard in the center for its employees to look upon.  Many times as a youth I explored the abandon building, and have many fond memories of adventures climbing around in the abandoned offices. 

My first computer was a Commodore PET which I used the BASIC programming langage to make simple game simulations like Downhill Skiing, car race games, or random Mazes.  My next computer was the Atari 800 which allowed me to either use a Cartridge to play arcade versions of PacMan or Asteroids (I am a member of the Million points club playing Asteroids for over 8 hours straight).  The Atari computer had many advantages to it; not only did it use 64 K of memory and cartridges, but it also had an external tape drive giving me the advantage of typing in hours of Machine Code from magazines SAVING THEM AND BEING ABLE TO TURN YOUR COMPUTER OFF (this was revolutionary in those days since the hard drive did not evolve till many years after) and playing all sorts of custom games.  Unfortunately just one wrong number or letter in the hundreds of thousands of lines of code would mean the game would not work so it was a slow and sometimes painful effort to acquire a new game to play (giving me a respect for the true game programmer). In the 90s like many others I graduated to the PC, Playstation, Nintendo, and finally the Xbox.  I have concluded that PCs are designed for doing work, and if you are to enjoy a true gaming experience it is best to stick with a game console. There are many different choices.  My preferred platform being the XBox.  What follows is the summary of several games that I have enjoyed hours of play on.  You will find walkthroughs that I have written after hours of play and research. My suggestion is to try and complete the game yourself. There are many CHEATS for games these days; although,  my opinion is as follows:

I don't like cheats or cheat codes since they ruin the game. I do think walk troughs' are valuable though because they provide hints, tips and mission tactics to help you win with honor.

In my opinion cheats are for people that have either have no time, no co-ordination, no stamina, no respect, or no pride. People that cheat spoil the game for the other players and for themselves. There are no cheats that make the game more challenging but instead only take away from the total experience. Keep in mind that many programmers have spend months developing these games and at the least we should respect their efforts and try to complete the games on our own without using cheat codes.

Instead, try using a walk through.  Learn from the experience of others.  My suggestion is to try the level yourself and if you become so frustrated that you can not complete it read the walk through and then try again.  I have included many tips that will make the game much easier without using cheat codes like the famous "god mode".