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I have included a variety of information in this section.  You will find some of my own writings as well as other topics that go beyond my scope of experience.  I would like to dedicate this section to Dr John Stephens who I had the benefit of knowing and learning from for many years.

Optical Illusions


Psychology of Women and Gender

Supplemental Information:• Sex Trafficking Videos • Women In History • On Being a Man Video • Before and After • Make up • Plastic Surgery •  Sex and Gender.pdf -  Victimization of women.pdf Violence Against Women.pdf

Notes and Study Information Feminism

Is Feminism Dead?
Essay 1: The F-Word - What is feminism.docx (word 2011 doc)

Paving The Way Women's Rights (Section 1):

Gender, Status and Power (Section 2):

The Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (Online Sexism Survey participate and compare- takes 5 minutes)

Images of Women (Section 3):

Thought Provoking Images: Does Size Matter? - Plastic Surgery -  Make up - Before and After

Sex, Gender, and Bodies (Section 5):

Gendered Identities: Childhood & Adolescence (Section 6)

International Womens Day ESSAY.docx    pdf

In a Womans Body (Section 7)

Sexuality Love and Relationships (Section 8)


Sex Trafficking
Organizations working on Modern Day Slavery problem
  • Courage to Be You, Inc
  • Call and Response
  • California Against Slavery
  • SAGE
  • Sisters In Service
  • Arms of Love
  • Newcomers Health Program Dept of Public Health
  • End Child Prostitution and Trafficking-USA
  • NightLight
  • SJPD Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Jubilee/Arts Aftercare
  • Sold Project
  • Hagar USA
  • The Freedom House
  • Because Justice Matters
  • Agape International Missions
  • Trade As One
  • Invisible Children
  • Not For Sale Campaign
  • South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking
  • International Justice Mission
  • Project AK-47
  • Child Voice International
  • Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative
  • Friends for Youth, Inc
  • Salvando Corazones
  • Starfish Project
  • Polaris Project
  • New Day For Children
  • HEAT
  • Chab Dai Coalition
  • Pockets of Dreams

Study Guide For All Text Book Chapters: Psych Women Quiz Study Guide.doc   Assign_Instruct_SPRG11_Final.pdf     Syllabus_Sprg11_TTHl.pdf

• Sex Trafficking Videos • Women In History • On Being a Man Video • Before and After • Make up • Plastic Surgery •

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